Comedy Central‘s “The Daily Show” has always been a show centered around a single host, but will a duo fill the vacancy behind the news desk?

Jon Stewart launched “The Daily Show” as its host in 1996, and Trevor Noah succeeded him in 2014. After eight years with the show, Noah announced his departure in 2022, and viewers have seen a variety of fill-ins get week-long on-air auditions. The 148 day writers’ strike halted production for “The Daily Show,” but the break didn’t result in executives deciding on a replacement for Trevor Noah. Instead, the show returned with more temporary hosts.

Leslie Jones returned to guest host on “The Daily Show” last week, and the last night was a surprise. Instead of appearing on air solo and then introducing segments featuring correspondents, Jones was joined by Jordan Klepper for the news. While this was an unexpected pairing, it actually worked. The two both were able to be effortlessly funny without over-talking each other. On the pre-Thanksgiving episode of “The Daily Show,” Klepper returned as a co-host with his fellow correspondent Desi Lydic.

Since it’s taking so long to name a new host, are execs considering naming two? Watch the clips below to see Leslie Jones and Jordan Klepper in action. And then scroll down to see Klepper partner with his colleague Desi Lydic.

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