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With over 500 pages of Howard Stern‘s amazing conversations, you may be tempted to skip the Introduction of “Howard Stern Comes Again,” but don’t. In addition to providing valuable tips to broadcasters, he really opens up about how he’s evolved and shares some keys to his success.

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These are some of the thoughts that Howard wrote about in his third book.

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The Art Of Interviewing
Instead of relying on bios provided by publicists, Howard Stern conducts interviews after deep research. He details the very thorough process in “Howard Stern Comes Again,” and even though his interviews sound like casual conversations, they are far from it.

Quote: “Nothing is casual. Everything requires work, research, and thought. Agonize. Take it seriously. Don’t leave it up to someone else, and don’t phone it in.”

Lesson: Some Talent and Producers have become complacent about show prep and researching guests. If one of the greatest Radio Personalities to ever sit behind a mic still does it, maybe Howard Stern’s work ethic will inspire others reassess how much preparation is being put into their broadcasts.

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A Partner
Finding someone you have chemistry with and respect is not easy, but Howard Stern truly found a parter in his co-host Robin Quivers. Beyond working together, they have become friends, and Howard recognizes that their lengthy run is special.

Quote: “How many professional relationships have lasted thirty-eight years, especially in broadcasting.”

Lesson: When you do find someone you click with, treat them well. Let them know how much they are appreciated, and don’t be afraid to let others know how someone else contributes to your success. Shining the light on others doesn’t diminish your value–it creates loyalty that can last for decades.

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Drawing attention to unflattering traits about oneself is never easy to do, but Howard openly admits that his shock jock persona was rooted in narcissism.

Quote: “I was an absolute maniac. My narcissism was so strong that I was incapable of appreciating what somebody else might be feeling… It was just me being self-absorbed and compulsive about asking something that would provoke and antagonize. Those weren’t really interviews. They were monologues.”

Lesson: Howard Stern became rich and famous by engaging in behavior that he isn’t proud of. Yet, he was able to evolve and become a better broadcaster by overcoming a shortcoming.

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“Howard Stern Comes Again” is available now wherever books are sold. Read the interviews to get his reflections on past conversations. And definitely read the introduction to get a better perspective of a legendary Talent.

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