Letty B 2015
10 years after joining KIIS/Los Angeles as an intern, Letty B has secured herself a full-time on-air position as the Midday Talent. She has been filling in during the 10 am – 3 pm shift and replaces Sisanie, who now co-hosts mornings with Ryan Seacrest.


While this is Letty B’s first time working on-air in a major daypart of her own at KIIS, she previously held the midday shift at KMVQ (99.7 Now)/San Francisco, and California stations KRCK/Palm Springs and KDON/Salinas-Monterey.

Here’s what iHeart Media SVP of Programming & KIIS PD Jon Ivey said about Letty B’s promotion from fill-in to full-time:

“When Letty was on our Street Team, she came in my office and said, ‘I wanna be on the air. I told her that was great, but she’d have to leave to get her start. She did what we’ve all done, paid her dues, worked hard in other markets and earned her way back to Los Angeles. This is great day for KIIS, as we have another talent that really knows and loves the station, and is achieving her life goal by working here full time ON THE AIR!”

Letty said this about her elevation via press release:

“Growing up in Los Angeles, it was always my dream to be on the air at KIIS. Leaving to start my career was the scariest things I’ve done, but I always knew I’d be back,” she said. “I am very fortunate to have a mentor in John Ivey, and I never stopped bugging him with airchecks. Words can’t describe how excited and humbled I am to be a part of this legendary station alongside amazing talent that I have looked up to for years.”

Now that Letty B has a prominent role on a high profile station, we can’t wait to see how she makes her mark in Los Angeles and on other media platforms!


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