Rush Limbaugh

The divisive nature of politics today has Americans deeply polarized. Instead of seeing the humanity in each other, we often isolate ourselves to those within our tribe, and don’t take the time to really listen and understand those with politic beliefs that don’t align with our own. Moreover, we seem to have lost the ability to recognize the humanity in those on “the other side,” or to have compassion for them.

When Rush Limbaugh announced his advanced lung cancer diagnosis on February 3rd, millions on both sides of the political spectrum felt deep sympathy for the legendary Conservative Talk Show Talent. And when Donald Trump honored Rush Limbaugh with a Presidential Medal Of Freedom, even those who didn’t feel it was deserved, were tame in their criticism after seeing Rush so visibly moved by the honor. People across the political spectrum have been rooting for Rush Limbaugh.

But a sour note was recently struck while Rush Limbaugh was talking about presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. Rush took the position that America is not ready to elect a gay president, which is a valid conversation to discuss with his audience. But modifying the former mayor’s name from “Buttigieg” to “booty-judge.” And giving the impression that the veteran flaunts his sexuality and inappropriately shows public displays of affection to his husband are sophomoric and unnecessary. Rush Limbaugh should take Pete Buttigieg to task on his policies instead of minimizing him for loving differently

While Rush Limbaugh can’t take back all of the things he’s said that have offended countless people. He can spend what may be the sunset of his life speaking passionately about politics as he always have. But even you are turned off by Rush Limbaugh’s direct or subliminal jabs, please see the humanity in him and wish him well during his battle with cancer. Conversely, hopefully Rush will continue to engage his audience with his thoughts and opinions, instead of insults.

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