The Aircheck With Tino Cochino

One of the benefits of having your own nationally syndicated radio show is the access to sought after artists. But instead of flexing his industry connections to book Talent for his podcast, Tino Cochino turned his mic to people deeply admires: Radio Talent.

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“The Aircheck With Tino Cochino” features interviews with respected voices from various markets and radio formats, and each episode tells the story of the Talent Tino talks to. The Talent Report spoke to Tino about his unexpected approach to podcasting, and he explained why he focuses on Radio Talent instead of the artists he plays on his syndicated show “Tino Cochino Radio.”

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If you haven’t discovered this gem of a podcast, subscribe right here to listen to the first 10 episodes. And hear our entire interview with Tino Cochino here.

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